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State-Led Presentations

SDRC regularly partners with states to build a community of practice and knowledge sharing. See below for a comprehensive list of state SDRC presentations over the years. For more information on these webinars, including how to access the full webinar recordings and slide decks, please contact the SDRC.



Webinar Title

Presentation Date

Non-SDRC Co-Hosts


Arizona ’s Use of Medicare Data

April 5, 2016

Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System


California’s Use of Medicare Data to Enhance Care Coordination

September 26, 2013

California Department of Health Care Services


Program Integrity: How States Can Utilize Medicare Data for Fraud, Waste, and Abuse Prevention Programs

May 25, 2017

Center for Program Integrity (CPI) California Department of Health Care Services


Accountable Care Collaborative: Medicare-Medicaid Program: Using Medicare-Medicaid Data to Improve Care Coordination, Outcomes, & Cost of Care

December 2, 2015

Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing


Using Medicare & Medicare Data in the Connecticut Duals Demonstration Program

August 27, 2014

Connecticut Department of Social Services


Florida State – Florida’s Medicare-Medicaid Program Integrity Review

September 23, 2021

The Florida Agency on Health Care Administration and HMS, Inc.


Delivering Medicare Claims for Care Coordination

July 24, 2014

Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services


Massachusetts’ Medicare Data Integration Project: Review of Analytical Use Cases and Technical Work

August 19, 2019

Massachusetts Executive Office of Health and Human Services


Minnesota’s Administrative Alignment Demonstration: Using An Integrated Medicare/Medicaid Data for Care Coordination

August 24, 2015

Minnesota Department of Human Services

South Carolina

Putting Data to Work: Effective Utilization of Utilizing Historical Medicare Data

November 30, 2016

South Carolina Department of Health and Human Services


Washington State: Different Ways to Obtain Medicare Data and Achievements to Date

February 1, 2017

Washington State Department of Social and Health Services


Washington State – Using Medicare Data for Targeting High-Risk Duals and Value-Based Purchasing

April 7, 2021

Washington State Department of Social and Health Services


Overview of New RIF files and Using Medicare Data in Wisconsin’s Long-Term Care Scorecard

August 21, 2018

Wisconsin Department of Health Services


Wisconsin Medicare Data

August 16, 2016

Wisconsin Department of Health Services

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