Welcome to the State Data Resource Center (SDRC) website!

This website provides information on the resources available to State Medicaid Agencies for coordinating the care of individuals enrolled in both Medicare and Medicaid (Medicare-Medicaid enrollees). These resources include:

  • Descriptions of the type of Medicare data available to Agencies;
  • Assistance with requesting Medicare data from CMS, including outlines of the process for requesting Medicare data; and
  • Assistance on using Medicare data in coordinating the care of Medicare-Medicaid enrollees.

In addition to these document-based resources, the site provides contact information for the SDRC Team—a group of Medicare data experts dedicated to helping Agencies acquire, process, and maintain Medicare data in care coordination activities.

For information on the SDRC Team, visit the About section of this site. For information on upcoming events and site updates, visit the Announcements section.