Notes from CMS

Ten Opportunities Were Highlighted In A State Medicaid Director (SMD) Letter

CMS released a State Medicaid Director (SMD) letter highlighting 10 opportunities for state Medicaid agencies to better serve dual eligible beneficiaries for Medicare and Medicaid.

December 19, 2018

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Opportunities to Serve Better

The opportunities outlined in this letter, which do not require complex demonstrations or Medicare waivers, can be grouped into three broad areas:

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Integrating care through managed care arrangements.

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Using Medicare data to inform care coordination and program integrity initiatives.

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Reducing administrative burden for dual eligible beneficiaries and the providers who serve them.

The SMD letter also provides the names and contact information of CMS staff who can assist state Medicaid agencies in implementing each of the described opportunities.

How Can We Help?

SDRC can assist state Medicaid agencies with the two Medicare data related opportunities outlined in the SMD letter:

Opportunity 5

Reducing the administrative burden in accessing Medicare data for use in care coordination.

Opportunity 6

Program integrity opportunities.